“Social media is only a small part of what I do, and it’s constantly pulling me away from higher-value tasks.”

Sound familiar? – It’s something we hear from marketers a lot. Social media management takes a lot of time. It’s easy to feel like you’re only treading water.

Three questions:

  • What's the real cost of spending what could be some of your most productive hours on social media management?
  • Have you had enough time to think through a broader, higher-level marketing strategy or are you too busy “feeding the beast?’
  • Are you finding yourself having to sponsor every single post?

These are problems every digital marketer has to grapple with in 2017. But they aren’t as difficult to solve as you might imagine.

What if:

  • Your social media queues refilled themselves, and an hour spent this month meant an hour saved next month.
  • You could intelligently and automatically repost content that new and existing customers missed.
  • You could post at the exact moment when your customers were the most likely to engage (we mean exactly!)
  • You could reliably announce big product releases to your customers without having to sponsor another post.

That would mean:

  • You could get off the hamster wheel of collecting, scheduling, posting, and reposting content.
  • You could consistently drive traffic to your website.
  • You could invest in better quality content, like video (imagine!).
  • You could squeeze a little more value out of old posts (a lot of value).
  • You could maintain a consistent presence across all platforms (just like the big guys) without having to hire (!)
  • You could finally focus on developing a higher-level marketing strategy (exactly what you're supposed to be doing, remember?).

But that’s a complete fantasy, right? Nope! Not with Extra 🍻.

Extra is an automation tool that aims to limit the time you spend on social media to just one hour per week. It does this by intelligently reposting content at the perfect moment each and every day.

To avoid repeats, Extra tailors its schedule to your customers' behaviour. It does this by analyzing when they're most likely to read, watch, share and engage. It then posts for you, maximizing impressions, while minimizing repeats. The more you use Extra, the more intelligent your schedule becomes.

Using Extra expands your organic reach even as Facebook and Twitter attempt to limit it by forcing you to pay to publish. It allows you to get the most value out of content that is increasingly expensive to publish and produce.

But unlike other automation tools, getting started with Extra is easy. You aren't going to have to spend hours importing posts. Instead, we'll create a collection of evergreen content for you. You'll be in constant contact within minutes of opening the app.

Extra saves you time. Lots of time. As you build collections of posts, you'll be able to market to your customers without having to spend your Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays searching for new content (you could maybe even take a holiday). With a post schedule fine-tuned to when your customers are the most engaged, and a self-refilling queue of content that your customers will love, you'll be present when it really matters.

Extra allows you to:

  • Automate posting and reposting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Analyze audience behaviour to post at the perfect moment.
  • Maximize your content marketing return-on-investment 👍.

Ready to sign up? Great. Extra is just about ready for you, but we've still got a little bit of work left. Get on our early access list and we'll let you know when it's ready .

Early access screenshots

Does reposting content meaningfully increase traffic?

Reposting content has been shown to substantially increase engagement and impressions. Reposts capture an average of 70% of the engagement of the original post. A post recycled by Extra twice is likely to receive double the impressions of what it would have received originally. That’s enough to make or break your next social media campaign.

Avg. number of retweets per repost
Reposting Graph
Will I annoy my audience by reposting?
Most major news organizations repost content two or three times per day. It's very unlikely that your users will notice Extra running in the background. Unlike other automation tools, we're also intelligently analyzing your customers' engagement patterns to determine the perfect moment to post, which means that you can actually post less.
Is Extra going to create “duplicate content?” I've heard that's a bad thing.
Nope! Duplicate content is not a concern with social media posts—you won't be penalized by Google for doing it.
How does Extra know when my customers are the most engaged?
Extra analyzes your customers' interactions with your posts going back several months. It then builds a schedule based on when your customers are most likely to engage and updates that schedule as it records more data.

Can I create my own schedule? Can I have multiple schedules?
Yep. You're welcome to override Extra's smart schedule to setup your own. You'll be able to setup unique schedules for each of your social media channels.
Is reposting content against the terms of service of Facebook or Twitter?
Nope. And it won't hurt your organic reach either.

What platforms will you support?
Extra integrates with Facebook and Twitter right now, with Pinterest and LinkedIn planned next!
How much is it going to cost?
Our pricing hasn't been finalized, but if you jump on as an early access participant, we'll make sure you get a deal.

Sound good?

Extra is still in development, but will be ready soon. Sign up below for early access when we're ready.